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Tomorrow is the big day!

Tomorrow is the big day – when we stand up and tell New York: “The 99% need a raise too!”

Raising the minimum wage is an important step toward an economy that works for all of us, not just the richest 1%.

That’s why our elected officials and candidates for public office need to stand with us in raising the state and federal minimum wages, fighting wage theft, and supporting organizing efforts at low-wage workplaces.

Tomorrow workers from a variety of industries (Airport workers, car washers, supermarket workers, janitors), community organizations, labor organizations and faith leaders across the city will come together and fight back against bosses who pay them less than the minimum wage, deny them overtime and provide little or no benefits. They will be demanding that irresponsible employers be held accountable.

Join our Day of Action and support dignity and respect for ALL of NYC’s workers.

The minimum wage can’t support our families and it’s time for a change.  It is time to tell our elected officials that hardworking New Yorkers need a raise, decent wages, respect on the job and good and safe working conditions.

Meet us at 5pm, Union Square, NYC

Gather at 5pm at Union Square. From there we will march to ConEd (4 Irving Plaza)to defend the ConEd workers hurt by the recent lockout and march to other locations to highlight bad employers.

Taking back New York starts with everybody standing up and speaking out.

NOW is the time to make your voice heard. Join us TOMORROW

TODAY at 3pm we are having a Twitter Rally to highlight worker stories and how important low wage workers are to our state.

Make you voice heard! Use the hashtag  #RiseUpNY and share why all workers deserve dignity and respect.

Here are some samples. But feel free to create your own – just use #RiseUpNY

#RiseUpNY and tell @ChipotleTweets that farmworkers deserve a penny-per-pound raise & safe working conditions! Tomorrow 5pm Union Sq.

Restaurant workers paid only $2.13/hr with no #paidsickdays. Put justice on the menu tomorrow! 5pm Union Sq. #RiseUpNY

March to raise the #minwage, stop cuts 2 benefits, & bring workers together. Join us Tomorrow #RiseUpNy RSVP:

We work for a living but we barely make ends meet. Tomorrow demand all workers make a living. #RiseUPNY

A #minwage worker working 40/week with no time off makes $15,080 per yr. #povertywages #riseupny

The majority of New York City workers who are paid less than $8.50/hr are people of color. #riseupny

Workers at #GoldenFarm were making $5/hr b4 organizing. Now owner Sonny Kim is holding up their back pay & contract #RiseUpNY

Imagine working 72hr/wk & making $350 Stand up for justice w Supermarket wrkrs July24 #RiseUpNY

Immigrant workers often paid less than minimum wage. Tomorrow, #RiseUpNY and demand justice for ALL workers! 5pm Union Sq.

@ConEdison execs put profits over the needs of NYC & locked out workers during heat wave. Stand with #coned wrkrs Tues 5p Un.Sq #RiseUpNY

Treatment of NYC car wash workers is abusive & unacceptable July24 #RiseUpNY for justice

Whats like 2 b NYC CarWash Wrkr? Some of NYC’s most exploited wrkrs r demanding justice- Join them

Airport workers make $8/hr, struggle to put food on table They deserve more respect RT if agree

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