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Bane of the Poor

 Bane the Destroyer menanced midtown and 99%er’s today. Bane’s booming voice boasted about slashed paychecks, gutted workforces, busted unions and jobs killed by the thousands.

“I’m a working mother of three, $8 an hour just isn’t going to work!” Shantees Jones preached before a crowd of onlookers. Jones, a former employee of Bain-owned Burlington Coat Factory, was recently fired from her low-wage part-time job for standing up for her rights after being denied health benefits. Felipe Idrovo, employed part-time at two cleaning companies in order to support himself and his brain-damaged brother, recounts the physical toil it takes just to barely get by. “[Bain Capital] doesn’t care about jobs, they don’t care about people like me. They’re motivated 100% by profit.”

Bain Capital, founded by Mitt Romney, is renowned for putting thousands out of work, withholding benefits, and offering the lowest of low wages while earning its investors millions. “Living wages, not Romney wages!” chanted members of UnitedNY, New York Communities For Change, Make The RoadNY and La Fuente on behalf of the millions of working class citizens don’t earn enough income to survive.


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