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Global Initiative Protest

092512091012This week marks the beginning of 2012’s Clinton Global Initiative, which aims to discuss some of the biggest issues facing this country and the world. The theme of this year’s conference  is “Designing For Impact” which features prominent speakers such as Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, President Obama and Republican Nominee Mitt Romney on topics ranging from the economy to the environment. But should a Romney-Ryan economy come to pass, the impact on the working class will most likely be one where jobs are outsourced, families make less than a living wage and benefits such as health care are reduced or taken away.

On Tuesday morning, September 25 – the final day of the conference, United NY and community groups from La Fuente, New York Communities For Change, and Make the Road NY converged in midtown to protest Bain Capital and Romney, due to speak that day. Former Dunkin Donuts  employee  Shantees Jones spoke on behalf of Sensata Technologies workers who are due to lose their jobs in a matter of weeks because Romney wants to outsource their positions to China. Sensata and Dunkin Donuts are both Bain Capital-owned companies.  The protesters questioned what sort of design Romney has for America.  Speakers addressed the crowd about how  Romney’s  interests in making the rich richer, and his recent comments blasting relegated 47% of Americans as government-dependent freeloaders, accurately reflect how he feels about the American public. What Romney fails to understand that many Americans, including thousands employed by Bain Capital, work beyond the typical work week at such low wages and still can’t make ends meet. The Bain puppet joined the effort, lending his support, as rows of police officers looked on from across the street.

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