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Taking the Fight to Romney

On Monday, we came out to Bain Capital Headquarters and took the fight to Romney. Activists came from Bain-owned companies from around the country. They know exactly what a Romney economy looks like. Like how Bain-owned Sensata Technologies, based in Illinois, is shutting down a plant that they bought in 2006. The workers have been forced to train their replacements before their jobs are outsourced and the company is shut down by the end of this year. Even though the company is making record profits, they want to put even more money in their pockets need those even more.

We came together on Monday to speak out against Mitt Romney and Bain’s treatment of working Americans. People came out to welcome the workers from the Bainport bus tour who are traveling across the country to tell their stories of the Romney/Bain Economy. They spoke out about Romney’s plans to diminish affordable health care and his reputation for putting people out of work. One man protested about working 35 hours at a low wage Bain job. Kept just under full time, he doesn’t qualify for health benefits and he barely gets by with his paltry salary. The Bane puppet also made an appearance to rally the crowd together and draw attention from passersby.

Both Romney and Bain think it is okay to rake in profits for themselves, while working people suffer. We brought the message to them Monday and we’re gonna keep on hammering it until it sticks.

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