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Car Wash Workers Stand Up

Car wash employees at Sunny Day Car Wash are on strike! Following recent votes to act collectively at car washes across the city, car wash employees in the Bronx have also made the move to unionize after a three-week strike. Employees at Sunny Day Car Wash have gone weeks without pay at salaries below minimum wage and without benefits and paid overtime. Even when workers were given checks, they were bouncing because of a lack of funds. In addition to making less than a living wage, many workers are exposed to harsh chemicals with no protective gear. This situation is not unique; most car washes across the city operate by paying their employees low wages at long hours, but recent events could signal a turnaround for long-suffering workers.

The workers here need our support,  Join them tomorrow on the picket lines at Sunny Day Care Wash, 169, Lincoln Ave., Bronx, near E. 135th St. at 11AM. Things can’t change unless we’re all willing to stand up to make a difference for the better.

Influenced by nearby business, Webster Car Wash, who also recently joined the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, the workers organized after their boss sent a text stating that they were all fired after their weeks-long protest. In spite of this pushback, the workers rallied local union groups to help with their cause and eventually received at least a week’s paycheck to partially cover lost wages. The strike will continue until the workers are fully compensated and re-hired. While this has been a major success, only three car washes in the city have unionized and the industry is lousy with labor law violations.

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