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A Community Allies Worker Justice Meeting

Last week, something amazing happened. Employees at a car wash in the Bronx went on strike and said they weren’t going to be treated with disrespect anymore.

On July 24th we gathered as New York Workers Rising to fight for
rights, benefits and respect for workers across the city.  With recent
victories at Farm Country Supermarket and Webster Carwash, we can see
that we are making real progress for workers.

In the wake of President Obama’s historic re-election, and significant
gains in the House and Senate, we are moving forward to fight for what
our votes endorsed: good jobs, fair wages, and holding our elected officials
accountable for fighting for the things that matter to us.

On November 27th, please join clergy, citywide elected officials,
community groups and labor organizations as we introduce new worker fights and support fellow workers for actions leading up to the December 6th Day of Action for Economic Justice.

That same evening at 6:30, please join ALIGN, community members,
workers, and people of faith for a Community Jobs Summit.

The Community Summit will allow us to craft a community-centered
response to the ongoing jobs crisis, bringing together community
members, workers, and people of faith from the Greater New York area
to share facts and strategies, and begin creating a blueprint to get
New York’s economy working for the 99%.

We will break down the economic trends that are coloring our region’s
uneven economic recovery, and learn how we can come together to win
good jobs and strong communities in New York.

We hope to see you there.

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TUESDAY, November 27th @5:15 PM

WHAT: Move Forward: A Community Allies Worker Justice Meeting

WHERE: SEIU 32BJ (25 W. 18th Street New York, NY)

WHO: UnitedNY, the NY Central Labor Council, NYCC, Make the Road NY,
ALIGN, the Strong Economy for All Coalition, Working Families Party

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