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Victory at JFK

In an effort to make more money for themselves, AirServ and Global Elite have left staff without proper training, broken equipment, and rushing them through necessary safety protocol, posing a major hazard to airport employees, passengers and the surrounding Southeast Queens community. After their complaints were ignored, the workers took a massive step towards a safer and fairer workplace.

Yesterday, workers stood together and were heard. Following a vote to strike last week that brought attention to the issues they faced. Prince Jackson, an airport security guard, announced before supporting clergy, community members and elected officials that they have been heard.

But at the same time, we can’t let up, and we hope there will be real change, and not just temporary measures to keep the airport workers complacent at the start of a hectic holiday traveling season. We will continue to ensure that these workers, and those who keep our community safe, will receive all that they are entitled.

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