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Stand With the Just Hours Campaign

On January 15th, Walmart CEO Bill Simon will deliver a keynote speech during the National Retail Federation’s BIG Show about “retail’s role in the American renewal.” United NY will be there alongside RWSDU, ALIGN, Retail Action and several community and labor groups to tell him that his opinion on “renewal” is a joke. Walmart is notorious in its low-wage practices, from shifting workers’ schedules without due notice, lack of paid sick leave and health benefits. These unpredictable schedules leave workers, many supporting families, little time to plan their lives outside of their jobs; students are forced to choose between attending class or working a shift scheduled at the last minute and parents scramble to find care for their children while they work.

Simon’s role isn’t American renewal, it’s enforcing the cycle of poverty that low-wage workers live. Join us at 9:15AM on 33rd Street and 11th Avenue in Manhattan, where we will make our way to the Javits Center alongside Walmart and other low-wage retail workers from the Just Hours campaign to let Simon know that employing workers at poverty wages only damages the American economy.

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