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“Save LICH Because LICH Saves Lives!”

Dozens rallied at SUNY’s Eye Center in midtown to protest the university’s vote to close Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn that would leave more than 2,000 unemployed and more than 100,000, including the elderly and working families, lacking health care. Possessing the only emergency room in the Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill area, the closure of the hospital stands to devastate a community and our local economy. In an even bigger blow, proposed plans for the property include building luxury homes where the hospital now stands.How long will the rich continue to profit off of the burdens of the working class?

United NY stood with New York Communities For Change at a press conference where current LICH employees discussed the impact of the hospital on the patients, residents and the community and the negative effects that will come to pass should its closure follow through. “[LICH] is a vital part of the community beyond its geographical boundaries,” a LICH nurse stated. “We must save LICH because LICH saves lives!” pleaded Councilman Stephen Levin.

During the press conference, United NY led a protest outside the Eye Center, chanting “patients, not profits!” and holding signs reading “Don’t Shut the Door on Patients and Working Families.” A public hearing is to take place on February 7th, followed by a vote on LICH’s status Friday, February 8th.

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