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Photos From NY United


March 19 Interfaith Service

March 14 Guestworker Protest at McDonald’s

February 20 March on Goldman Sachs

February 13 Low-Wage Worker Symposium

February 8 Rally For Fired McDonald’s Workers

February 7 LICH Protest at SUNY

January 30 Fix the Debt Protest

January 15 Retail Action Protest Against Wal-Mart

January 7 UFT Press Conference

December 18 Victory at JFK

December 14 Rally For Worker Justice

December 6 Move Forward Rally

November 16 Car Wash Workers Press Conference

October 16 Protesting Bain Capital at Hofstra

October 15 Taking the Fight to Bain Capital

October 10 Retirees Medicare News Conference


October 4 JFK Security Protests Air Serv


September 27 MTA Protest


September 25 Romney at the Clinton Global Initiative Protest


September 17 Occupy Wall Street Anniversary


September 14 Protest at Romney Breakfast


August 30 Bain The Job Destroyer Protest


August 25 Bain Worker Send-Off Press Conference

July 24 Low Wage Day of Action


July 17 Latino Leaders News Conference


July 11 Clergy Breakfast

June 7 Minimum Wage Cuomo Protest

May 14 Student Debt Commencement Actions

May 2 Create Access To Education, Brooklyn College

Bank Of America, Bad for America

May Day


Student Debt Action


April 17 Tax Day


April 3 Low Wage Tour

March 19 Wells Fargo Birthday

March 14 Romney, Job Cremator

March 8 Selma To Montgomery

March 1 Right To Education Action

February 24 SEQ Airports News Conference

February 10 Occupy CPAC

January 31 GE Tax Dodgers Event

January 30 Care One/Straus

January 25 Verizon Tax Dodgers Event

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