Museum of City of New York. New York at its Core Exhibition

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Art has for centuries been used to portray political, economic and cultural themes. It is through the art objects that artists add their voice to issues that are of interest to the society. The case is no different for the objects on view in the New York at its Core Exhibition. The objects capture various issues that are of interest to the contemporary New York society. The issues captured in the images revolve around Islam-phobia, racism, and bigotry. Unfortunately, photos wasn’t allowed. But I’ll try to describe. The object Tactics Old and New shows an elderly man and a young […]

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7 Ways Newcomers Can Pass as New Yorkers

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Being in New York is a dream come true for many people. But the harsh truth is that if you aren’t a local, you will probably have a difficult time adjusting to the significantly different culture and environment. However, you’re not out of luck just yet – for we know a couple of ways how newcomers can pass as New Yorkers. Know the New Yorker Dress Code Just like a picture paints a thousand words, your attire will say tons of things about you – and that includes whether you’re a New Yorker or not. For example, anyone who’s not […]