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The Causes of Acute Pain

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Many individuals, both the young and the old mostly seek for health care services due to pain. The pain results in sensory and emotional responses which may lead to actual or potential damages to the tissues and organs. Pain can be categorized as either acute or chronic depending on the duration it occurs. Acute pain is frequently identified by its sudden onset over a short period of time and decreases in intensity over a period of days to weeks while chronic pain is identified as long term lasting for months or longer which is persistent and at times constant that […]

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What You Can Do If Your Phone’s Battery Died in Central Park

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New York’s Central Park is one of the biggest and most significant parks in all of Manhattan. People visit it for fresh air, exercise, bring their pets for a walk, or even a blind date. Because of its beautiful and picturesque scenery, visitors — both locals and tourists — bring their smartphones to immortalize the precious moments they spent there.   But what if your phone died while you’re at the park? In this digital age we live in, it is almost unbearable not to have a smartphone handy. In fact, some people have become reliant on this handheld product […]