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What You Can Do If Your Phone’s Battery Died in Central Park

Central Park view. New York

New York’s Central Park is one of the biggest and most significant parks in all of Manhattan. People visit it for fresh air, exercise, bring their pets for a walk, or even a blind date.

Because of its beautiful and picturesque scenery, visitors — both locals and tourists — bring their smartphones to immortalize the precious moments they spent there.


But what if your phone died while you’re at the park?

In this digital age we live in, it is almost unbearable not to have a smartphone handy. In fact, some people have become reliant on this handheld product of technology that they cannot leave home without it.

If you’re one of those people who can’t function well without their phones, read on to learn what you can do if your battery dies while you’re at Central Park.

Charging Poles

Because of people’s reliance on smartphones, several parks in New York came up with the idea to avoid having batteries die: charging poles.

According to the New York Press, these 12 1/2-foot poles provide mobile charging for guests of different parks across the Big Apple. This includes Riverside Park, Union Square Park, Governors Island and, of course, the Central Park.

The charging pole at Central Park can be found at Rumsey Playfield.

A joint project of the Bloomberg Administration and AT&T, these charging poles are available for anyone and are absolutely free. The best part is that they are solar-powered, which means they are more sustainable than your average power bank.

7 ways to avoid dealing with a dead battery

Although these charging stations are definitely a good idea, prevention is always better than cure.

Clichés aside, here are 7 practical tips you can follow so you won’t have to deal with the hassle of having your battery’s phone dying in the middle of a walk at Central Park:


  1. Decrease Your Phone’s Brightness

Most devices are defaulted to adjust the brightness depending on the environment automatically. Although this is useful, nothing beats manually decreasing your phone screen’s brightness if the goal is to save battery. If unnecessary, don’t turn it up to the maximum level. You should also avoid putting it to the brightest option if you are in a dark or dimly lit place to protect your eyes.


  1. Close Apps You Aren’t Actively Using

The more apps are open, the more the battery is drained. With that in consideration, remember to close mobile apps that you aren’t actively using. Some of the most common ones that run on the background without you knowing it are social media apps. Of course, be wary about turning off ones that are critical for optimum phone function.


  1. Get a Battery Saving App

If you really want to optimize battery use of your device, you can easily download and install battery saving applications. These are specially made to achieve your purpose without needing too much power from you.


  1. Switch Off Wi-Fi or Mobile Data When Possible

Connecting to the world wide web is draining, and that is something that should be taken literally for your battery’s sake. Make sure to switch off your Wi-Fi connection or mobile data when not in use. This will save power and money as it would mean you’ll have to pay less for your data plan.


  1. Turn on Airplane Mode

The airplane mode feature in smartphones is overly underrated and unappreciated. Although its name implies that it can be used when traveling by plane, you can also use it during situations when you do not wish to be disturbed by calls or text messages. This will also automatically turn off Wi-Fi connectivity in just one touch.


  1. Switch Off the GPS/Location Services

The GPS or location feature of your device is also another thing that drains a significant percentage of battery. Although it is useful when using certain apps, you’re better off without it if you really want to conserve your phone’s battery life. Some cybersecurity experts may even consider it a good practice if you don’t want your location exploited by hackers.


  1. Check Your Email Manually

While emails are electronic by nature, there is a way you can check them manually. Of course, we don’t mean that literally. Fetching emails automatically is a useful smartphone feature that is perfect during work days. However, you are best off doing it by yourself to prevent your device from running out of steam.

Finally, keep your phone cool…

Another way to avoid draining your phone’s battery quickly is to maintain its prime temperature. There are apps you can download to keep your device cool. By turning these on, your phone will automatically close apps that you aren’t currently using or switch off the Wi-Fi connectivity. As a bonus, these apps are also useful in cleaning your phone memory’s cache and other temporary files.

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