NY United is my ode to New York City. It’s the culmination of my story as I grew up – from everything I’ve seen, heard, tasted, and experienced. This blog allows me to show the “true face” of the Big Apple and what makes everyday life here so interesting and amazing.

Let me tour you to the best places in New York City. Places both well-known and hidden gems only the natives know of. If you’re looking for the best guide to help you navigate the busy streets of the City that Never Sleeps, NY United is a good choice.

What to eat? No problem. I’ll take you to places where the best fine dining are to the world’s greatest hotdog stand. Let me also share my love for a good drink and where to have fun when the night starts. It’s everything you’ll ever want if you’re a big party person.

Love yourself some good Broadway show? Or perhaps want to find peace with oils on canvass and abstract sculptures? I know the places.

NY United is, in general, all about New York. There are stories about its rich history that I can’t wait to share to you. From fashion shows and beauty to stories of success that will inspire you; I have compiled them all here in the hopes of sharing what a beautiful place New York City is along with its people.